Wednesday, 9 March 2016

How to make Handmade Jewelry

handmade jewelry always attract Men and women from long time.  the first beautification of the human body in histroy was Crowns of flowers, bracelets of woven grass, shells, and stone. During the development of civilization jewelry materials were the symbols of cool. A revival of interest in handmade jewelry in the last decade it had been aware by us. exclusive and limited creation jewelry designs is again being retained, prepared by hand through antique crafting processes.

mainly jewelry is machine made, Today this method allow makers to create uniform style jewelry ,uniform molds is the part of  Casting machines which quickly made jewelry parts including difficult jewelry designs with speed and consistency. This highly moneymaking item produce consistantly today in the jewelry manufacturing industry

Although rare designs, which are not equal to others, suggest the preference of exclusive Handmade jewelry.Any one can be imporve his/her particular touch and style by using well reflect handmade jewelry. it is belived that Mass produced jewelry can be cheap in price. it is our favorite way of  explaining how  to fundamental the real story or history behind what you are wearing.

 It doesn’t matter  wheter handmade jewelry procure  from specific artisans or their symbolic galleries. Handmade jewelry wearing  is just a pleasure for someone who look personally and lovingly.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

How to clean sterling silver jewelry

How to clean sterling silver jewelry
Silver has been known since antiquity, and the discovery is estimated to have taken place after the discovery of copper and gold. Because the Egyptians had gold as the perfect metal they gave this precious metal a circle as a symbol, money which approached almost to perfection a symbol semicircle later in the year, he was replaced on the moon, because of the considerations that connects these two elements, as the moon reflects the sun's rays in the same way silver gloss reflections it receives from the sun or light.

The alloy most commonly used for making jewelry is 925 degrees. 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper, with the common name of sterling silver. A person working with money and treat it, called a goldsmith and use different tools (hand saw, rasps, pliers) to give the final shape he wants is the object it produces. The properties of silver makes the treatment much easier than other metals and because of this characteristic, it is preferable that the metal in jewelry mostly among all jewelry makers of our time.

Each culture and people reflect jewelery in its own way, from ancient times to the present day. Today, mechanical methods are used to create jewelry and pure handmade jewelry from silver, which reflects the techniques and methods to ancient times.

Antique silverware coin Silver considered one of the old holy metals and very few people had access to it, usually from the upper classes in primitive societies. The fact that money is a soft, malleable and ductile metal processing enabled objects arranged in different areas, while the second use is to treat currency, primarily to repay debt

I find myself to grab a pair of silver earrings favorite time to time to make them again sorry that I have not taken the time to clean them. So I think it's time for me to dig these tips on maintenance of silver jewelry that appeared in the Winter 2009 issue of string jewelry. I hope you find these suggestions to be as helpful as me.

Something to remember: the higher the content of pure metal, it is less likely to stain. This is because they are alloys such as copper, metals actually get tarnish. So Thai silver (95 to 99 percent of real money) is less likely to tarnish as sterling silver (92.5 percent real money) because it has a higher silver content. Observe the following tips to prevent oxidation:

Keep silver jewelry in plastic bags sealed with moisture from the skin, such as silica gel (packets often found in shoe boxes), paper and silk ANTI TARNISH bands, or even chalk reduce exposure to oxygen spotted and moisture.To own jewelry, rub it gently with a soft cloth and non-abrasive polishing. Rags specially designed for this purpose can be purchased in stores beads, jewelry, hardware and more. When a cloth is dirty, you need to buy a new one. Do not attempt to wash and reuse. Better yet, have a spare handy! Even consider having just the one you use for jewelry, you take on your travels.